Words to say it

When it comes to the situation of students who come in hundreds for food aid, there is a lot of talk about “danger”. The seriousness of the situation calls into question this universal word. What exactly does that mean? What is “shaky” is, by definition, unstable and in danger of falling.

In this case, in poverty: a modest way of mitigating reality.

Students who need help with food are not afraid of poverty, they live there. They don’t experience “difficulties”, they face suffering.

Despite the efforts of associations, universities, communities, they are no longer able to cope, because they are discredited in our society.

Don’t they have bread? Let them eat salad »

On Sunday, a well-intentioned lady presented her recipe collection for students on major public radio. unstable “. The book – 17 euros – offers a selection of dishes ” 100% vegetarian ” because it ” good for the planet ” and ” cheaper “. As if fruits and vegetables haven’t become a luxury item for shoppers.

They have no bread ? Let them eat salad ” she might add without marking. There are scorns that come from afar, and that do not pass, even when painted green.

Suffering students don’t need advice from the good bourgeoisie, they need money.

A society like ours, extremely rich, denies them decent living conditions. It also has a very specific name: shame.

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