Vegan, Oriental, English… eight new addresses for brunch in Clermont-Ferrand

The restaurant opened by Léa-Aida Salmi of Clermont-Ferrand, Place du Mazet, now offers an oriental brunch, one Sunday a month, and for delivery or take-out only.

Box, for a minimum of two people, which offers a great trip: messemen and bagriors (thousand hole pancakes) but also delicious and lesser known specialties such as batbouts (stuffed rolls) and kokus (puff pastry). There are also organic fruit juices. For the restaurant, everything is homemade and from fresh produce. (Photo Yumi)
Y’oumi, keep Clermont-Ferrand du Mazet. One Sunday every month. Take away or delivery (+ 5 euros). 40 euros (for two people).

Day of the week: L’Inckliné

We find control of this new address, which replaces Australian Coffee, Rue Saint-Esprit, Celine Baker and Kevin Trottero. Sister and brother decided to embark on a gourmet adventure by opening L’Inckliné. And they wanted to break the codes by offering a brunch all week, not just on the weekends!

Starting Tuesday, you can enjoy egg muffins with cheddar, bagel cream cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, granola, French toast… with a latte, tea or smoothie. All in a cocooning setting. (Photo by Remy Dugne)
At L’Inckliné, 35 rue Saint-Esprit, Clermont-Ferrand. Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 12pm, Saturday, 10am to 2pm. À la carte during the week, formula for 20 euros on Saturdays.

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Vegan: Alternatives

The 100% plant-based alternative grocery store opening this summer on Rue du Port in Clermont-Ferrand is Variety! Native Mazin actually decided to go further in his approach. Because, apart from the lunch break, it wanted to position itself in the aperitif and brunch offer.

For the latter, visit every Saturday with a menu that changes weekly and seasonally. Of course, we’ll stick with 100% vegetables, two drinks, two desserts, a toast and a savory plate. It offers, for example, cookies, pancakes and various pastries, as well as quiches, tacos, pitas… (Image Alternative)
At Alterneitiv, 14, rue du Port, Clermont-Ferrand. Saturday, 11:30 a.m. 23 euros.

English: Loveday’s

Miranda Dickenson, originally from Cornwall, in the south of England, came to Auvergne in 2009. He wanted to provide a place “where people can meet, chat over tea”. And so Loveday was born on Rue de la Trelle in Clermont-Ferrand.

With brunch, it’s his country’s specialty that he puts forward. Thus we choose an English breakfast with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, muffins or else we discover a dish like “Kejri” composed of smoked haddock, yellow rice, eggs, peas, mushrooms and parsley. Serve with an earl gray or banana cake, and a large cup of English tea, “of course”, with a dash of milk! Note that a vegetarian offering can be requested. (Photo by Loveday’s)
Loveday’s, Clermont-Ferrand 7 rue de la Trail. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 14 to 16 euros. 20 euro brunch formula with dish, cake, hot drink, cold drink.

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Pancakes: Yeo & Co

Since the beginning of the school year, and after offering take-out brunch, Yo & Co decided to put several weekend offerings on the menu. Already breakfast, according to appetite and budget, from pain or chocolate-coffee-orange juice to egg muffins or pancake-croissant-tea-fruit juice.

Then brunch where you can find the famous pancakes that made the place famous with milk from the Massif Central and flour from Auvergne (with frozen yogurt!). They are available in savory and sweet versions, with a salad, a hot drink… and it’s good if you want to make your own mix because there are several dishes on the menu: avocado salmon toast, scrambled eggs, yogurt with fruit … (Photo by Frank Boileau)
Yeo & Co, 36 avenue des Etats-Unis, Clermont-Ferrand. Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 2pm. Breakfast: 4.50 to 8.50 euros; Brunch: 20 euros; A la carte meals: 5 to 8 euros.

The Musical: La Bamboche

The musical bistro on the rue Saint-Dominique in Clermont-Ferrand has launched a themed brunch once a month.

On the menu, for example: Fermented cabbage hot dogs and potato salad to satisfy your appetite, before continuing with cheese with Edam, candied lemon and white balsamic, then finish with a dessert like this crepe, apple compote with scallops and white chocolate ice. Cream is surrounded by a large table. After that, all that’s left to do is go karaoke! (Photo by La Bamboche)
At La Bamboche, 5 rue Saint-Dominique, Clermont-Ferrand. 1st Sunday of every month, 11am to 2pm. 23 euros.

American: Guy & Sons

You no doubt know Guy & Sons, the restaurant on Rue Fontainebleau, for its burgers. But did you know that it also offers weekend brunch? On the menu: a savory dish, a dessert, as well as a cold drink and a hot one.

You can enjoy an avocado toast, a double smash burger, pancakes, fried eggs, a chocolate chip brioche or even a cheesecake. And thanks to the collaboration with Arsene Bar, know you can enjoy great cocktails. Something to give this brunch an original touch! Note that an offer is available for children with a cheeseburger or an American breakfast. (photo boy and boy)
Guy & Sons, 44 rue Fontgive, Clermont-Ferrand. Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 2pm. 26 to 30 euros (14.90 euros for children). Take on site or away.

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Coffee: Academic Cafe

One brunch is offered to the academy every month. On the menu: a savory dish, a dessert of your choice, a hot drink and a squeezed orange juice. The recipe changes every time to adapt to seasonal produce.

It offers a filled croissant, but also a gourmet brioche with bacon, caramelized onions, avocado, cheddar béchamel or new potatoes and coleslaw. For the sweet part, brioche, tiramisu, cheesecake share the spotlight. Must be accompanied by good coffee, the specialty of the place! (Photo Academic Cafe)
At Akademik Cafés, 78 rue Lamartine, Clermont-Ferrand. 22 euros on the first Saturday of every month, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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