Tower of Fantasy Crispy Chicken Burger: How to get the recipe?

Looking for a Crispy Chicken Burger recipe at Tower of Fantasy, but can’t find it? No problem, in this guide we explain how to get it easily. We’ll also focus on the location of the various ingredients needed for this recipe, you’ll see it’s not too complicated. So, without further ado, put on your apron, because a cooking career awaits you!

Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

This recipe is very easy to find, especially in the kitchen making creations. In fact, if you want to find out without buying a recipe or completing a secondary mission, you just need to put the ingredients of the recipe in the container. However, you should not follow the recipe to the letter for the quantity, because even if a recipe only asks you for 2 eggs, you need to put in 15 to have a 100% chance of success without knowing the recipe. Therefore, to be sure to succeed, put a lot of ingredients that the recipe is not yet known.

On the other hand, the recipe must be followed in terms of required ingredients! Otherwise, you will taste a terrible stew: keep the right ingredients, but in a larger quantity until you reach 15.

Imagination Tower

Now that this point has been elaborated, it’s time to think about the recipe for crispy chicken burgers. Fortunately, this is not a very complicated recipe to reproduce, since the ingredients can be collected from the beginning of the game.

Crispy Chicken Burger

. Homi Seed x1
. Poultry x1
. Salad x1

Where to find ingredients for making crispy chicken burgers?

All elements can be found anywhere in the fantasy tower. Astra nevertheless remains the best area to find hominy salad and grain, as the region is largely composed of plains and hills that are perfect for gathering these ingredients. For poultry, all you have to do is kill the birds and collect their meat!

What are the effects of the crispy chicken burger?

A crispy chicken burger is not an exceptionally tasty dish. In fact, it regenerates 7 points of satisfaction and regenerates (12% + 3,300) HP to the explorer. All in all, this isn’t a bad thing, as it’s very easy to get the ingredients needed to make it, especially in Astra.

Imagination Tower

By putting this burger on your healing action bar, you’ll be able to enjoy some life. Even if this recipe isn’t the best for increasing your satiety, it will serve you well in battle.

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