Things are heating up at Bagel Corner with the arrival of 2 bagel-burgers

After revamping its donuts range and successfully launching its Amazing Donuts virtual brand as well as hot sides, Bagel Corner is reinventing itself with the launch of two limited edition bagel-style burgers, one classic, the other vegetarian. In addition, all bagels will be offered in a hot version for quick reheating oven deployment.

Product entertainment is in the DNA of The Bagel Network, created in 2010 and now having nearly fifty restaurants. As evidence, the calendar contains rare events that escape the brand, which schedules at least 3 major national meetings per year. After the success of its new range of doughnuts, but the “Amazing Donuts” virtual brand, which allowed network licensees to acquire them, 5 to 10% of additional turnover, the chain set the order of battle in winter.

From September 3, it will offer its customers, and in limited edition across the network, two burgers, one of which is veggie. And if they are well received, these two references can very quickly integrate the base map, underlines the co-founder of the brand, Michael Cohen. ” We’ve created two ultra-gourmet recipes, one classic with steak, cheddar cheese, cheddar sauce, pickles and raw vegetables on a baker’s bun, the other veggie, a classic bun with bread, a sliced ​​Garden Gourmet Vegetable Bacon and La Vie Vegetable Bacon.

With these two new references that tick the burger box on the platform, we also intend to increase delivery, with the aim of increasing turnover by 25 to 30% before the end of the year.

It’s hot ahead

By opening up its offer in this way, as it has already done this year with the launch of a children’s menu, but increasing the breadth of restaurant openings, the chain is now on the bagel-coffee-doughnut triptych, the account is good, with these two new points of sale per reference as well as To improve its customer mix. Another way, Michael said, is to earn some extra points on male clients, who are less likely to have women in the restaurant. Especially since in terms of price, the euro difference with the bagel (€11.90 for the menu at the recommended price), the burgers remain very competitive. Students will even be able to benefit from a cookie or donut with sugar offered for purchase from the bagel-burger menu upon presentation of their card.

Another lever that Bagel Corner relies on is sides, a new for 2022 that’s already a hit. The introduction of new potatoes and Doritos au gratin with cheddar also contributed significantly to TM growth, rising from €10 to €13.27 in the pilot units tested in one year. And with the fast reheating ovens the network is currently equipped with, the brand will be able to further enhance its hot offering, such as its full range of bagels, which can be baked.

Bagel corner next door

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