The best recipes with watermelon

As strange as it may seem, watermelon can be eaten both sweet and salty. Full of water and awfully fresh, watermelon is the best summer fruits preferably. It is used fresh and helps quench thirst. We extract its juice or pulp to prepare salads, carpaccio or even cocktails or cocktails.

Here is a selection the best watermelon recipes.

sweet watermelon recipes

Due to its slightly sweet taste, watermelon is easy to sublimate. Prepared in fruit salad recipes in summer, mixing it with seasonal fruits, sprigs of basil or mint. In juice or cocktail recipes, it is combined with strawberry, lemon, melon, and also with pineapple or banana. In short, most fruits can be associated with watermelon. For even more sophisticated recipes, we venture into the dark chocolate range.

in alcohol watermelon cocktails combined with vodka, gin or rum. Finally, watermelon juice can also be used to make granitas, frozen sorbets or even delicious water ice cream recipes with a hint of mint or rosemary.

recipes for salted watermelons

In a spicy version, watermelon adds an original and delicate flavor to our dishes and first courses. It is included in various preparations of mixed salads, with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, grated carrots, etc. Add some feta or mozzarella, the right seasonings and voila! This is a delicious summer salad, fresh and tasty. You can also do a watermelon carpaccio with slices of ham or tomatoes.

If you like barbecue recipes, then grilled watermelon this is one of the best offers of the summer. Placed on the grill or plancha, watermelon reveals its flavor thanks to the marinade or simply thanks to the smoke. In a different style, we delve into the gazpacho trend with a cold watermelon soup.

Finally, watermelon is available in a pizza option that serves as a completely healthy crust. Simply top with tomato slices, raw ham, a little pesto or feta for a deliciously light and fruity pizza.

So she is watermelon recipe will you crack first?

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