The best melon recipes

The summer fruit par excellence, melon pleases our taste buds with its sweetness and sweet juice. When it’s plentiful and can be eaten on its own, melon is perfect for sublimating all summer recipes. It goes well with meat, meat products, fish, but also with other fruits, vegetables, alcohol, chocolate, etc.

To do the best melon disheshere is a selection of recipes inspired by this fruit.

Sweet melon recipes

Among all Melon recipes, we focus on colorful and refreshing preparations, perfect for hot summer days. The fruit salads drizzled with lemon juice, agave syrup or a spoonful of rum are the perfect way to round off a good meal. Likewise, fruit skewers garnished with seasonal selections and basil or rosemary have everything to please.

When it comes to cakes, we’re thinking of Melon Barrel recipes, Melon cheesecake, panna cotta, tiramisu, compote, jam or melon tartan. Its mild and sweet taste will go well with sharper notes such as lemon or grapefruit. For good melon ice cream recipes, we try granitas, sorbets or very fresh cocktails, not forgetting gin, champagne or vodka cocktails.

Spicy melon recipes

The good news is that cantaloupe can be eaten raw, boiled, grilled, hot or cold. Large salads with other mixtures of vegetables or fruits are prepared from melon as a starter. It’s also paired with raw ham and mozzarella skewers for fresh, delicious and comforting dishes. U recipes for savory pies, melon goes well with bacon bits and goat cheese. Grilled halloumi, the perfect summer cheese, can be made on toast with thick slices of melon or as a tartare with chunks of avocado.

Finally, melon gazpacho – one of the most famous recipes, as well as the recipe with tomatoes. How will you enjoy your melon sliced, balls, carpaccio or mixed?

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