Quick dessert recipe

Catherine Salad

welcome Cooking and recipes salad Reserved for customers Catherine Salad by Jean Imbert Mathias Indzik Jean Imbert signed the menu for Restaurant Monsieur Dior on Avenue Montaigne. The chef gives us his elegant eggplant and green bean salad recipe. Duration: 45 minutes prep, 40 minutes cooking Disadvantages: simple material For 4 people View all elements …

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Fruit salad

You are welcome Cooking and recipes dessert Fruit salad Sweet salty Duration: Preparation 15 minutes Difficulty: Very easy Ingredients For 6 people Buy organically or sustainably grown fruit directly from quality French farmers with our partner Pourdebon Order at pourdebon.com Preparation of the recipe Wash the orange under hot water, dry it, make a long, …

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Breaded Fish Burger

welcome Cooking and recipes dish Cyril Lignac’s Breaded Fish Burger Cyril Lignac Group Cyril Lignac reveals his technique for getting kids to eat fish for his breaded fish burger recipe. Duration: 20 minutes prep, 6 minutes cooking Disadvantages: simple material For 4 people 4 burger buns or buns 4 pollock fillets, 150g each 40 grams …

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