Recipes for happiness and anti-depression in Lyon

This week, in Lyon CityCrunch, readers are taking orders and publishing articles. Today, Laure reveals her secret to a successful self-care moment.

In these times of gloomy skies, seasonal gloom and faces covered in TCL, sweet moments need to be hung on to on a daily basis.

My honey to me? These include beautiful pastries, curiosities and walks around Lyon. Combine these three ingredients, and you’ve got your cozy fall outing. what are you ready Just take a few hours for yourself; Time for your gourmet and cultural indulgence this week.

The steps in the recipe for happiness must be followed to the letter.

1. Choose three neighborhoods in Lyon.

Because a true Lyonnais wanders his city like the first day, rediscovering the most beautiful streets, or surprising himself with new places. If you want to revive your tourism side, Take the streets of Old LyonEnter the treble, follow the tourist guide and weave your way through the groups (don’t hesitate to scratch an anecdote or two to bring to your friends for the evening), and if your cardio allows it, push the walk to the basilica for Admire the architecture and the panorama awaits you.

Are you feeling bohemian? Why not take a short trip to the Croix-Rousse district, where buildings in autumn colors will match the season. Street-art lovers, the slopes that lead you to the top of the hill are covered in graffiti and crazier graffiti than others. A big-up with pixelated characters, Marmet Stairs and Bowie’s gaze on Rue Neyret; It is undoubtedly the most Instagrammable district.

How can we talk about walking without mentioning the banks of the Rhone? Away from traffic and horns, we always return to this place of rest, among pedestrians and bicycles, people in good mood drinking on the barge at 8 in the morning as at 10 at night, everyone is welcome, alone or with family, for one-on-one with the river and the green that Lets you discover the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

2. In each of these neighborhoods, find a bakery that catches your eye

If you like improvisation, you can let yourself be called by the star pastry in the window. If you’re a bit of a “control freak” (like me), you can look on Google Maps for Leon’s Pastries with more than 4.5 stars in reviews, because yes, we don’t deny ourselves anything. My short selection of the best pastries:

– Coney Cookies (Croix-Rousse): The store decor, even the almost indecent recipe (a brownie-cheesecake, is that legit?): flawless. A piece of advice, really go there on an empty stomach.

– Small Cakes (Legislative District): The aesthetics of cupcakes are a gift to the taste buds and eyes.

– To Fred’s Awesome: Observe the skill of the pastry chefs who prepare your wonder before your eyes. All in the name.

3. Let yourself be guided to each of these three destinations.

you can Enjoy the surroundings Or listen to your best podcasts on the go.

4. Choose the pastry that makes you dream the most.

Would you go for this Lyonnaise praline brioche? Or for these US-style half-baked cookies? Maybe you can’t resist a good classic like Mille-Fuel, or you’ll do something original with a babka. If all these choices give you a whirlwind, do not hesitate to ask the seller, he will surely have an anecdote or cooking advice to share with you with pleasure.

5. Now for the taste.

While walking down the street you can delight in every pastry, Or by landing in a beautiful place: in a park, in front of a beautiful view, in an amphitheater.

You treated yourself to a gourmet walk, a little weekly reminder that you are entitled to sweet moments and that your city is the most beautiful.

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