Recipe ideas for spring salads

Whether it’s for a spring starter, picnic, take-out meal at the office or a light dinner, follow the guide to compose yours. Spring salad !

Tenderness of spring vegetables cooked in salad

At the end of March, we welcome the arrival of new vegetables that finally point their noses after the cold of winter. These young vegetables are so tender and delicate that they require very little preparation to show off. This is why salads suit them so well! Potatoes, carrots, leeks, beans, peas, onions… take advantage of them as soon as they arrive in the stalls because the time to pick fresh vegetables is short. in you Spring Salad RecipeCombine them with aromatic herbs that will elevate them without overpowering them

Green vegetables are abundant in our spring salads

One of the earliest spring vegetables is asparagus, characterized by its distinctive bud shape. Whether green, white and sometimes even purple, it is excellent with an herb vinaigrette, mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce and can be served with morels, the spring mushroom par excellence with which it goes perfectly. for Make a spring salad Original, it will also happily combine with other green vegetables that have the aroma of the arrival of fine weather: green beans, peas, snow peas, etc.

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Green is indeed the color of spring because among the stars of the season, we must mention the artichoke or fennel, typical for their bee flavor and crunchy texture. we will not forget Seasonal salad Namely watercress, baby spinach or arugula which can be the basis of many recipes. Finally, for a touch of originality, don’t hesitate to brighten up your salad with some fresh strawberries or raspberries that will bring a tangy and colorful touch.

Preparing spring salads requires freshness and gluttony

Even if the desire for lightness is felt, you need to add a little consistency Homemade spring salad So that they can form a complete meal, satisfying and good for morale! The flavor of seasonal vegetables can be easily enhanced by a soft-boiled or poached egg whose runny yolk will infuse the other ingredients with flavor.

You can also count on fresh cheeses, including spring goat cheese, which are at their peak texture and flavor this season. A few shavings of dry goat cheese, small balls of mozzarella, a little ricotta or burrata will bring richness to your body. Spring Vegetable Salad. A trifle will be enough to bring out the character of the fantastic spring product.

To stay fresh, seafood is your best option. For the most classic, there are shrimp, crabmeat and tuna, but for more originality, respect the rays that will be in full season in the spring. On the land side, treat yourself to a hint of charcuterie which, in small amounts, will bring a lot of flavor and delicacy to your salad. Chorizo, for example, will add a touch of spice to your vegetables. If you really want to take care of your figure, choose meat from Graubünden, which is very low in fat and low in calories.

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