Recipe: According to chef Michel Dumas, McDonald’s double-cheese is a better recipe

On our list of favorite burgers McDonald’s displayed Unquestionably The iconic double-cHis. Super-simple and yet so delicious, it knew how to help us through the worst of times as well as the best of times, delighting our taste buds and filling our hungry bellies after a long drunken evening. actually, double-cHis Our second type of people or girl.

Good will rejoice, because of us brother sure, Chef Michel Dumasoffer you today A version of Double-CHis More hungry than real. After unveiling the Big Mac recipe according to Paris New York Burger, today we are sharing it with you The recipe for “Mac Double Mason” is the most popular cookbook on Facebook.

A decadent double cheese of your choice

Double-C if attention, speedHis According to Michel Dumas there is none of this McDonald’sRest assured because it can be Too greedy. Double steak, double cheese, mayonnaise and small Homemade burger buns In short, we just salivate to write it.

With his famous Dr Miracle Machine and “for that his small knives of all colours to test “Preparation, Chef Michel Dumas Enjoy this video again. With his mustache as stylish as Magnum and his own expression, the French chef offers The recipe is accessible to everyone, but above all very greedy. He is undoubtedly one of our food influencers beloved Internet sphere.

Only a small downside in our opinion: We would love to Slightly smashier steaks but (very) Big fans of Smash Burger, are we really being objective? In short, from your oven.

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