PNY, the new burger everyone is talking about at Leon’s

PNY Burger in Lyon - our opinion

If you are used to surfing the local internet or follow a few Lyonnais influencers, you know that a new burger restaurant has opened in Lyon, rue Mercière. Its name: PNY (for Paris-New York). The brand hailing from the capital has made it its mission to serve the best burgers in the world (just that!).

We waited until the opening hype died down to check if PNY’s burgers lived up to their reputation. So we show at noon during the week. Good surprise: there are not many people and we have a table right away.

A retro cool decor

The interior of the restaurant is very successful, the decor plays the card of retro and modernity. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. In a time of standardization everywhere, this is rather admirable. We have a big crush on neon lights embedded in giant glass chairs and tables.

PNY Burger LyonPNY Burger Lyon

We suggest the menu. 8 burger recipes available including 2 vegetarian I choose for Morning California Consists of a steak, cheddar, avocado and a secret sauce. My lunch companion, he chose the tradition with a Vintage Cheeseburger With steak, cheddar, pickles, ketchup and mustard. We serve our burgers with an optional Waldorf sauce and bacon bits along with the fries (yes, even though that means lean…).

Burgers that are very good and very nice

Our burgers are coming. They are so beautiful. We can almost take them for granted (but of course we love to eat them). I attack with matchstick fries. They are golden and crispy, the slightly creamy sauce that accompanies them, on the other hand, lacks character and acts as a bit of an extra. I then throw myself on the burger, the round bread is very light, almost airy. Unfortunately, it breaks quickly which forces me to end up with my burger cutlery (sacrilege!). The meat is perfectly cooked (well done) with a very pleasant mild smoky flavor. The accompaniments are fresh and tasty, in short, it’s a real treat!

PNY Burger LyonFries and burgers

Please check

The burgers are good, the decor is nice and the atmosphere is very relaxed, so much so that we drag out our lunch break a bit. Although we are used to eating burgers in speed mode, this kind of food feels good to take your time. But the clock is ticking and it’s time to get back to work. We go to pay. My burger + fries + drink formula costs 17€. Not given! (And yes, I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of ​​paying more than €15 for a burger menu being considered normal).

Note: Walk around the toilet before going. We won’t tell you any more…


😍 We Liked:

  • Very successful decoration of the place
  • The suggested recipes are different
  • Staff friendliness
  • Having real table service

😩 We liked less:

  • Prices are a bit high, even for the Peninsula

In the end, we don’t know if PNY serves the best burgers in the world, but this new address will rank among the top 5 burgers in Leon. The decor and ambiance of the space is a big plus for this establishment that will quickly become a must on rue Mercière.


🏠 59 Rue Merciere, 69002 Lyon
🚇 Metro Cordelia
⏰ Open daily from 12 noon to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm.
👉 More information on their website
👍 Follow PNY on Facebook
📷 Follow PNY on Instagram

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