Our ideas for exotic fruit salads for Christmas

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Holiday meals at the end of the year are synonymous with hearty meals, where desserts are often avoided because they are too heavy for little stomach space.

Tarts, logs, pies, candied chestnuts, truffles – this is what you are used to seeing on the tables during these holidays. And we know that no one (or almost) can resist these gourmet desserts, but they often end with the phrase “I ate too much, I shouldn’t have”.

Our recipes for exotic fruit salads

Kiwi-banana-strawberry exotic fruit salad
Vanilla exotic fruit salad
Exotic fruit salad with milk
Exotic fruit salad with white rum and cinnamon
Exotic fruit salad cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry syrup
Spicy exotic fruit salad

Our tips and tricks for successful exotic fruit salads

Nothing better than a video to learn while having fun!
How easy is it to open a coconut and restore its pulp?
How to cut a pineapple on a piston?
How to cook mango?

So, to your salad bowls and fruit bowls, because these exotic salads will bring a little lightness and freshness to finish your Christmas meal with a 100% fruit flavor!



Video by Claire Debruy

Video by Claire Debruy

Video by Claire Debruy

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