Nimois Joannes Richard and Thibaud Decimeur, Vice-World Burger Champions in Dallas

They are returning with silver medals around their necks. Two Nîmes cooks, Joannes Richard and Thibaud Decimeau, along with their partner Benoît Sanchez won this Sunday evening in Dallas. Co-World Champion title Drafted by the jury during Burger Friday’s elimination round, the trio rolled up their sleeves to climb the podium this time. The title of Co-World Champions ended for them A 12 Day Dallas Adventure

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We regret nothing. We are proud of our recipes, our convictions, the message we want to convey. It was an incredible adventure” – Joannes Richard

My France: Energy Savings

A general increase in the cost of living, the risk of electricity or gas shortages, extreme climatic events: these crises disrupt our daily lives, change our lifestyles, push us to outline new horizons. To address these challenges, France Bleu and are launching a major citizen consultation on energy savings. Take a stand on these solutions and propose your own!

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