Most Interesting Inventions of October 2022

Valentina Candeloro, Mood Media’s International Marketing Director, offers a zoom on some of our most exciting innovations that are defining and revolutionizing the customer experience.

This month, he introduces you to the new Puma House, completely dedicated to women Afterwards, we take a short tour of the new Maserati showroom for an extraordinary personalized experience. Take a trip back to childhood by taking a gourmet break at Burger King Le Creve Crostilante. To finish our lunch, visit Beaugrenelle’s basketball court. Or, would you rather play tennis? And finally, we discovered the new Aroma Zone, 100% dedicated to facilitating the customer journey and mindful shopping.

Puma House, the brand’s new Instagrammable space

“Discover your true style and share your identity”. This is the slogan for Puma’s new iconic location. In the heart of the Peruvian capital, the sports brand inaugurated its new store concept reserved for women to mark the launch of the She Moves US campaign.

With this initiative, PUMA shows that a brand can be committed to promoting women by creating a space entirely dedicated to them. From the choice of music to the decor to the workshop, everything has been thought of for (and by) women. Moreover, the new Mayze Stack sneaker is a bold model with an avant-garde design, which highlights the authenticity of every woman.

Many sets allow customers to take pictures of themselves and share their world connected to the brand on social networks. Puma wants to create a real connection between all women. And, this idea is exactly what the space celebrates!

The new Maserati showroom: a unique and tailor-made experience

The beautiful Milanese capital is delighted to welcome Maserati’s new concept store. This new co-created pioneering architectural concept marks a break with the traditional aesthetics of bright and sterile showrooms.

In the form of an art gallery, the brand’s cars are preserved like sculptures, immersed in darkness. Inside, guests are welcomed into a contemporary living space. It includes a large kitchen island that serves as a reception and setup counter, complemented by a bar that offers Italian-style espresso, wine or cold-pressed juice. Sliding glass panels on dimly lit wall-mounted displays reveal jewel-like hubcaps and ruffles, along with a selection of handcrafted leather swatches.

In terms of experience, the brand serves customers by:

  • submersible launch pad,
  • A personalization space where consumers can design their favorite models,
  • My Maserati Showroom online reservation portal, which allows you to reserve a car from your sofa and pay only in store,
  • Remote Test Drive: Allows you to reserve and test drive a vehicle seven days a week.

This new store concept embodies Maserati’s values ​​of innovation and beauty through the prism of Italian quality, inviting the customer to create their own personal shopping journey.

When Burger King licks the crab

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Crispy Crab restaurant in the flagship cartoon of the 2000s (hello boomers)? One thing is certain, for some fast food brands it has not gone out of fashion and remains in people’s minds. Once again, Burger King has pulled off a veritable publicity stunt by converting a dozen of its restaurants into crispy crabs. From the store front, to the decor, to the menu, nothing is left to chance. Aquatic immersion guaranteed!

Here, there is no question of ordering the traditional Whopper. The brand redesigned its entire menu to create a special limited-edition SpongeBob menu. Make way for sponge potatoes and the famous vanilla ice cream, strawberry coulis and chocolate in homage to Patrick Starfish? Even the packaging represents the cheery team of crab crustalants.

As a little reminder, for the release of the final season of Stranger Things, Burger King envisioned a menu that you can order by thinking. Yes yes, for the skeptics, we talked about it here.

A large playground at Beaugrenelle

For once, Beaugrenelle joined the sport during the Le Beau match operation from October 13 to November 6. The shopping center pays tribute to tennis, basketball and football in three important areas. We tell you:

  • On the lower level, a basketball court welcomes professionals and neophytes free of charge, every Wednesday and Friday from 5pm, as well as on weekends;
  • At the same level, a tennis court will challenge young talents under the watchful eye of shopping enthusiasts;
  • In the atrium, there is a suspended soccer field, a work of art and a life-size version, which allows passers-by to imagine a match in the air. Hello poetry!

Events such as urban tennis or freestyle basketball will be honored. To discover what the new variety of world sports is and how shopping centers are keeping up with the event.

Aroma Zone or the art of in-store pedagogy

Aroma Zone is testing a new store format that is educational and eco-friendly. Don’t be surprised by its small size, which has many surprises in store for you.

Implements brand new ideas that they call Dynamic My Pedagogy. We explain to you! Every area of ​​my store is dedicated to products and truly an experience. Here, there is no question of going to the store three times to find out where the bulk or cosmetics area is. The signage is visible from a distance and uses simple words to eliminate the sometimes redundant terminology of mass distribution.

Thus there are different areas:

  • Recipes of the Moment, which links to products for sale and recipe posters to photograph;
  • A place from producers to you: Product traceability and transparency are essential;
  • A bulk bin: Lots of products available;
  • A Home DIY Space: Become an Eco-Friendly Logie Fairy;
  • A personalization area where you can compose your cosmetics according to your taste and mood.

And other surprises, but we don’t tell you everything so you want to go. So, shall we meet at the Westfield Forum in Les Halles?

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