McFrance, McCatar, McSpan… McDonald’s is launching new burgers for the 2022 World Cup!

A total of eight exclusive burgers bearing images of eight different teams selected for the 2022 World Cup.

For the 2022 World Cup, McDonald’s Brazil is introducing eight new recipes featuring selected teams from the tournament. Credit: McDonald’s Brazil

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If some French cities decide to boycott the 2022 World Cup by not broadcasting the matches on big screens, some brands prefer to keep it in the spotlight. Same goes for McDonald’s. After launching the Happy Meal for adults, the American fast-food chain is offering eight burgers representing the eight national teams selected for the World Cup!

Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, USA, France, Mexico and Qatar (of course, since it is the host country of this controversial world). Here are the teams that now have their own a la carte sandwiches at McDonald’s restaurants in Brazil. And yes, you will have to travel a bit if you want to take advantage of this unique offer… Golden M’s brand has been offering a sandwich a day to its Brazilian customers since last October 3.

A McDonald’s burger a day for the 2022 World Cup

This particular World Cup operation therefore did not wait for the tournament to begin. McDonald’s restaurants in Brazil have these eight new menus starting October 3. Well, just one a day. Because each day of the week highlights a team! Monday McCatar, Tuesday McMexico, Wednesday McFrance, Thursday McGermany and Friday McSpain. On weekends, we find McArgentina every Saturday and McEtats-Unis on Sunday. McBrazil is available all week.

Eight exclusive burgers representing eight different teams are available at McDonald’s for the 2022 World Cup. Credit: McDonald’s Brazil

McDonald’s celebrates the World Cup with eight new burgers

Each recipe must be prepared according to each selected country. For the McFrance, there’s a Brie sauce, fried onions, tomatoes, bacon, and Emmental-type melted cheese. McCutter is made with brioche bread, beef, a mint sauce, fried onions and Emmental-type melted cheese.

Available every Wednesday at McDonald’s restaurants in McFrance, Brazil. Credit: McDonald’s Brazil

All burgers except the McEtats-Unis and McMexique are based on a brioche bun and a beef bun with chicken instead of beef and a potato bun. And in this “special World Cup collection” the most calories are McBrazil! At 1156 kcal (against 495 kcal for our Big Mac, for example), it beats the McQatar and its 989 kcal. McDonald’s lowest calorie burger far ahead of…

McBrazil is the most caloric burger in this World Cup collection! Credit: McDonald’s Brazil

If you’re sad to miss this “World Football 2022” collection, you can always console yourself with the new exclusive sauce inspired by the iconic McDonald’s burger! They are already available in restaurants in France but for a limited time, so hurry…

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