McDonald’s makes a hot sauce in honor of a Tunisian rapper!

McDonald’s always doubles down on its creativity. Thus, a sauce made its arrival on the menu in collaboration with a Tunisian rapper.

Another innovation from McDonald’s! effective, A Tunisian rapper conceived a sauce for Chanel. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

McDonald’s is reinventing itself again

Needless to say, McDonald’s is very successful all over the world. Indeed, the famous burger chain spread to the four corners of the world. Then he benefits from loyal customers who never tire of the delicious recipes he imagines for them.

It must be said that McDonald’s never leaves anything to chance. Always ready to please its loyal customers, the group strives Create the best possible recipe. Whether it’s sweet or savory, she seems to double down on her creativity. Thus, many new arrivals in its menu. To the delight of greedy customers.

About the latest news, Sign up for a chicken burger. And yes, white meat fans can enjoy this new sandwich all year round. And for good reason, the latter comes to the restaurant permanently. Pretty cool, no?

The second novelty of the moment, Vegan burgers. If McDonald’s offers its customers to come as they like, the group does not forget anyone. Thus, the latter thinks of its recipes for maximum numbers. Something to please its veggie customers!

If the burger giant doesn’t hesitate to rethink its recipe, it sometimes decides to ask for help. In fact, for collaboration, McDonald’s lets its partners’ creativity do the talking. As a result of whichA Tunisian rapper came up with his own hot sauce. MCE TV tells you more!

A Tunisian rapper imagines a sauce

The sauce is an essential part of McDonald’s menu. And yes, this is the end Go wonderfully with the brand’s sandwiches and burgers. They then seem to agree with customers who don’t forget to order them. Ah yes!

Moreover, McDonald’s seems to understand this well. In fact, the group doubled down on its creativity Suggest new recipes. So, a few weeks ago, Three new sauces have landed Fast food menu.

But today, the brand goes further and joins a famous Tunisian rapper. In fact, a sauce in his honor would land in Italy’s signature restaurants. Ghali then announced the big news on the web: “Today you finally can Find Jimmy Hot Sauce at all McDonald’s in Italy With my menu. »

Before adding: “When I was younger, my classmates celebrated their birthdays at McDonald’s and I couldn’t afford it at Burger King. My imaginary friend Jimmy saw it all and I promised him that when I grew up I would get McDonald’s attention and I will add hot sauce like harissa. »

The rapper then insisted on recalling: “Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your dreams, Don’t forget your dreams when you wake up And chase them all day, okay? »

One thing is for sure, McDonald’s is not done surprising its customers. will continue.

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