Lucian’s Burgers: Hmmm!

The take-away sale didn’t suffer a crisis…but it took on a local and authentic accent. Real burger fast food is coming and it’s really good!

What’s hotter than a good burger? Les Burgers de Lucien pioneered the concept of take-out burger kiosks modeled after pizza kiosks…and for good reason, the founders are the same. A new brand with a great experience developing into a network of independents. His goal? Offer a menu of quality burgers made with French products and take away. And success is already here! Meet Arnaud Nivaggioli, co-founder of Burgers de Lucien.

Les Burgers de Lucien: a new inspired concept?

Les Burgers de Lucien is a new gastronomic and family adventure. The first name Lucien is both a personal memory because it was worn several times in my family, in previous generations, and a first name that recalls craftsmanship, authenticity, doing well, the “old days”, even if today we know how. Do a very good job!

Les Burgers de Lucien is a family business whose founders are also Kiosques à pizza. The brand adopts this original and efficient economic model with recipes and quality products. Today Le Kiosque à Pizza is the second take-away chain in France.

The concept of Les Burgers de Lucien is to provide gourmet, quality burgers with French products combining creativity and tradition in the recipe.

In 2022, the brand’s first full year of operation, we will have 8 points of sale, 20 will open in 2023 and 100 will open within 5 years.

The brand is so new and so experienced: an asset to our members.

Specifically, Lucien’s Burger is not a franchise, why this choice?

Les Burgers de Lucien brings together members who invest in a kiosk equipped and ready to operate. Only one supply contract binds us, ie members have to order bread, meat, sauces, vegetables etc. from our selected suppliers.

In return, we manage brand awareness, support them in their development, train them, quality control products and recipes and advise them.

It is a win-win system, where the member earns all the fruits of his work apart from the network and where the brand develops through the inspiration and involvement of its members.

What is the reason for the significant profitability of this kiosk?

absolutely With an average of 45 burgers per day, the turnover generates 170,000 euros excluding tax, i.e. a net monthly remuneration of 3,500 euros.

We place our kiosks in towns of 1,000 to 8,000 inhabitants near supermarkets car parks, car washes, an attractive location.

This is the city where the catering offer is low, with a real need. Our kiosks have the necessary commercial space to develop rapidly, providing a real service to the population who welcome a gourmet, accessible and quality proposition.

What is the secret of Lucien’s famous recipes?

Product quality and region! Our burgers and sides are 99% French. Products are fresh, selected for their quality. The meat is Tay Sellers Angus beef, sauces are made and produced in the Southwest, vegetable steaks are produced at Wes.

Another specialty, maps! Each kiosk offers 8 burgers. 5 recipes are national and hence available in all kiosks, 1 is tailor-made and two recipes are tailored to customers and regional products. My own kiosk near Meaux has a Briard, au Brie on the menu…and it’s a success. France is rich in its terroir, a great source of inspiration for our members: duck breast burgers, Savoy cheese, more or less spicy sauces…. The brand also encourages the integration of local beverages into the menu, be it a craft beer or a regional cola.

The recipes leave a lot to choose from: each recipe is available to choose from two breads, three different toppings, beef, chicken or vegetable steak, sauces… Vegan or not, each always with quality and fresh products. Finds a wide choice.

Les Burgers de Lucien has received a very warm welcome and the brand’s development is dynamic. Our experience in leading large networks is a real asset at this stage of strategic development and in supporting members’ business success.

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