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Contrary to popular belief, salad is not always synonymous with dietetics. Sauces, cheeses, and charcuterie products found in, for example, Caesar salad or Périgord do not provide the lightness or sense of a balanced meal. for one Mixed salad recipe Not too many calories, the main thing is to bet on a lot of fresh vegetables as well as different family meals to benefit from all the necessary contributions in a day.

Easy Light Salad Recipe Ideas

Whether eaten as a starter or main course, salad is a healthy preparation if it is made with the right ingredients. for one Light salad recipe, it is made with white meat, seafood or fish. You can also choose a vegetarian version by filling up on vegetables, starchy foods and legumes, provided you balance the quantities. Indispensable in a mixed salad, vegetables – other than lettuce leaves that are not filling -, raw or cooked, will provide the nutrients and vitamins you need for health and make a colorful meal! In the winter, consider combining avocado, carrots and oranges with quinoa or apples and walnuts. In summer, watermelon, strawberries and feta make a deliciously sweet and savory dish, while delicately blended raw cauliflower replaces semolina in a light tabbouleh.

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Tips for properly composing a balanced salad

In order to avoid a food that is too rich, must pay attention first salad dressing. For a recipe full of freshness and lightness, bet on a citrus or herb vinaigrette, or opt for a yogurt sauce to give the salad a kick. As for the products that will make up your salad, consider cooking meat in a flavorful broth and steaming fish to enjoy low-fat cooking. If you want to add cheese, bet on strong-flavored cheeses that allow you to keep less in the salad. Otherwise, choose fresh cheese to combine with olives, sun-dried tomatoes or peppers, which are much milder. Don’t skip fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, aromatic herbs and spices that will give you flavor and consistency. salad healthy.

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