Lea, Deauville’s future franchisee, has begun his initial training

Franchise network specializing in gourmet French catering (pastries, burgers, macarons, salads, all-day pastries), the Boulangerie Feuillet brand is experiencing a very prosperous back-to-school season. Following its annual seminar held this year in Cap-Ferrat, the network recently started formalizing the initial training of its future franchisees from Deauville, Leia.

Foil Bakery

Much more than a bakery, Feuillette offers gourmet French catering (pastries, burgers, macarons, salads, pastries) throughout the day.

The Feuillette franchise operates a bakery, pastry shop and tea room, generating a turnover of over €2.5 million per year.

Feuillette Bakery trains its future franchisees

Having become a key player in its field of activity in just a few years, the Boulangerie Feuillette network has found the magic formula to seduce consumers by offering a wide range of savory and sweet dishes: ficelles apéritif, fougasses, traditions, desserts, hot drinks, etc. to the delight of young and old. Fresh and gourmet products, available all day, for a gourmet breakfast, a quick lunch or a family snack.

To continue this good development momentum, the network is recruiting new project leaders who are willing to get involved and embark on this growing activity. Recently, Leah, a future franchisee from Deauville, began her initial three-month training with the brand. During this training, the latter will be immersed in a bakery of the brand where he will be trained in the following trades: baking, pastry, catering and sales. Feuillette Bakery Network makes its franchisees the best ambassadors of its brand, especially in them all the necessary know-how, as well as the best practices that have built the brand’s reputation.

How to join the Feuillette bakery network?

Do you want to know more about the acquisition of the Boulangerie Feuillette brand and the necessary conditions to start working with it? Visit the Personalized Network Sheet to find out how Become a Feuillette Bakery franchisee.

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