International Burger Day. Catering is celebrating a star product on October 13.

Today on International Burger Day we celebrate one that has become an essential heavyweight in our diets over the years. The opportunity to return to space occupied by a product has long been disparaged and associated with junk food and is now employed by all levels of the catering industry, from fast food chains to top chefs. It has become an essential cog in the distributed catering industry alongside the historic pizza and other sushi.

According to Gira, the French consumed 1.3 billion of it last year, and this despite the less favorable Covid context for catering. For a burger swallowed, our compatriots thus eat an average of 2 sandwiches (2.61 billion) but only 0.8 pizzas (1.037 billion) of which they are 2.e The world’s largest consumer. That is to say that since the first Wimpy restaurant opened on the Boulevard des Italiens in Paris in 1961, the product has been able to establish itself as a favorite on the outdoor circuit and even beyond. ” From the moment women began to work extensively and no longer had time to cook, we had to expect profound changes in our society and eating habits. », secret Jacques Borel, interviewed by last June, on the occasion of 50 yearse Anniversary of McDonald’s arrival in France. Half a century of presence in France, celebrated with gusto by the global giant, has significantly rewritten history and now has around 1,550 restaurants in France (see our article Happy Birthday McDonald’s! Already 50 years in France).

A burger with all the sauce

So sure enough, after a decade of phenomenal growth driven by the famous wave of gourmet burgers that have even made it to the tables of top chefs indulging in sit-down catering and multiple reinterpretations, Gira has yet to experience a definite slump in sales. % over 3 years. A decline that the firm explains partly by the diversification of burger players’ offerings but also by the proliferation of alternative offerings that are gaining market share. We must add to this the effects of health restrictions, curfews and restaurant closures that were still relevant last year. The average price then was around €10.89 with an average of €9.40 in chains (-1.1%) and €12.29 in independents (+8%). The large difference observed between the average prices depending on the channels also shows that, today, the product has adapted to different occasions and consumption levels: in fast food, burgers will be sold on average for around €5.50, in cafeterias €7.90 but still in themed restaurants €11.70, in grills € 12.10, €14.80 in the cafe-bar-brasserie and even €22.50 in the gastro will appear. All this, of course, before the burst of inflation that forced many establishments to raise prices.

Delivery number one

With the explosion of platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat, among which it was one of the driving forces, the burger has also become a flagship dish today, an essential of delivery catering. On the occasion of International Burger Day, celebrated on October 13 every year, Just Eat thus provided some details about the extent of the burger phenomenon. Last year, for the first time, it was ahead of pizza on the podium of the most ordered food on the platform! A success that has been confirmed this year as the burger tops the order, still closely followed by pizza and then Japanese specialties. Its sales are high throughout the week, but Just Eat’s internal data shows that it’s still the weekend, and from Friday evening, which shows the highest peak in orders, that lovers appreciate the most. It is more precisely the “Cheeseburger” variety for the average price of the burger ordered, which is the most popular of all recipes, which this year is around €8.83. For the record, it was precisely on October 3, 2021 that the burger was the most ordered last year, and we’ll give free rein to explanations to explain the reason: the arrival of the first cold weather, the return of Paris-Roubaix or even a day of football… go. Either way, this will allow the burger to be good again!

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