here’s how to make the star chef’s favorite summer salad

Either on TV in the show Everyone to the kitchen, in books or on social networks, Cyril Lignac likes to share his recipes with his fans. This Friday, July 15, is the new invention of the summer salad, which he presented on his Instagram account. In the video, the chef does not explain the recipe in detail, but shows us the ingredients and step by step how to make it. For those with a sweet/savory taste, you will be catered for! For the rest, it will take a bit of adapting…

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Sweet/Savory Salad Recipe by Cyril Lignac

To prepare his favorite summer salad, the 44-year-old pastry chef first cuts a beautiful melon in half. Then he takes small slices of melon and completely cleans one of the two parts. Cyril Lignac mixes half the balls with a secret ingredient and pours it all into the empty part of the fruit, which now serves as a bowl. The star chef finely chops peaches, strawberries and avocado. Put everything in a separate bowl and add raspberries, balls of mozzarella, similar to a little grated coconut and honey.

He carefully mixes everything and puts it in his bowl with the melon. He finishes with a few basil leaves, a little olive oil and salt. To make the dish even colder, the father of the family puts his dish in the middle of a bowl filled with ice cubes. A real little miracle! To help you make this delicious salad, here’s a video by Cyril Lignac. Good taste!

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