Here are 4 outings to grab this 3-day weekend in Toulouse

A holiday Friday is synonymous with a long weekend. Opportunity to plan family trips. An immersive art experience, a show mixing music and circus, an unusual dinner and a comedy show, here are some ideas for an outing in Toulouse to liven up this three-day weekend in the best possible way. Let yourself be guided.

In Van Gogh’s world

Weekend Outing Toulouse Van Gogh

If you haven’t yet been able to experience Van Gogh’s extraordinary exhibition at Espaces EDF Bazacle, now is the time to get there. It is a reality Artistic experience that more than 50,000 visitors have already experienced. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” is a completely new and digital 360-degree exhibition that invites the inhabitants of Toulouse
For more details 300 sketches, drawings and paintings by Van Gogh. This is made possible by guess
Animated on a large scale from floor to ceiling
, in a large projection area. so that immersion is complete,
Visitors also have the opportunity to experience Virtual reality journey a in a type of a
The gallery is completely separate from the projection area. The exhibition allows a sensory journey and
The artist has been sensitive since his beginnings in the Netherlands.

This experience presents itself as an impossible museum, capable of bringing art in motion to life
And a unique opportunity to see the vivid colors of Dutch painters, complete and sometimes
Suffered by the artist.

Practical information: “Van Gogh: The immersive experience”, until January 2023, at Espaces EDF Bazacle in Toulouse. Price: Adults from 15 euros, children from 10 euros. Online reservation.

Frank Hussey in Toulouse

A hilarious outing at Studio 55 ©Studio 55 in Toulouse this weekend

To relax during this three-day weekend, what could be better than a little humor… à la Toulouseine. Melissa, Fred and Pat, better known locally as “Les Toulouseins”, dedicate themselves to working on your zygomatics. New show called “Lol of the Dead”..

A virus has escaped from a laboratory and the capital of the world, Toulouse, becomes the epicenter of a zombie invasion ! To stop the spread, Sherrill, a government-sponsored secret agent (Melissa Billard) calls Pac-Man, a famous hacker (Fred Menuet) to find an antidote. Trapped in a movie, they must collaborate with Ghost, Tuck and the Conspirator (Pat Borg), to thwart all the zombie attacks that surround them. Can they save the world?

“Toolousain 1 and 2”, “Despite Aero” and “A cooler for four”, “lol of the dead” will take you on a breathtaking adventure where you will definitely find, The Toulouse trio is all humor.

Practical information: “Lot of the Dead”, at Studio 55, 55 Av. Louis Breguet in Toulouse, 11 November.
Price: 26 euros, or 21 euros reduced price. Online reservation is possible.

Dinner at the igloo

A gourmet outing in Toulouse this weekend ©fritch gourmande

Located in the heart of Montodran District, Friche Gourmande is an eclectic concept Mixing street food (4 stands), drinks (2 bars) and accommodation (including playgrounds, entertainment, etc.) is where life is good. this The restaurant area combines various fast food brandsWith the arrival of the first cold weather a new decoration is inaugurated.

From the 2nd of November, La Friche Gourmande has its après-skis to offer the residents of Toulouse “as if you were there” a 100% mountain experience. For the 2nd year in a row, This 1,200 m² “food-court” is being converted into a ski resort. On the large terrace of 750 m², the uncultivated will be able to find 7 original gondolas Directly from 3 valleys (6 people max) and 13 igloos (8 people max) heated. The well-furnished and heated courtyard can accommodate up to 100 people.

Mac, French Bagel and Pizza Lopez (three historic restaurants of Friche Gourmand) are adapting their menus with new recipes to suit winter tastes. This year’s signature dishes to discover and taste without delay: the raclette bagel, the mountain burger or the Savoyard pizza. A new stand will appear: “How’s the Savoy?” Will exclusively offer raclette, along with raw milk cheeses and charcuterie and accompaniments
(potatoes and salad) as desired. Also on the pop-up restaurant’s menu: Genepi from the mountains to warm up on very cold evenings!
A little extra deliciousness exclusively available at Friche Gourmande: Roast the marshmallows In one of the braziers distributed among the igloos and gondolas.

Practical information: “La Friche Gourmande”, Didier Daurat at 10 Impasse in Toulouse.
Open this Friday from 12pm to 2am and 5pm to 1am and Saturday from 7pm to 2am. Online reservation.

When music meets circus

24 musicians and circus performers gather under a marquee (heated) to offer you an exceptional and atypical performance. In fact, Surnatural Orchestra and Cirque Inextremiste will play A three-dimensional show, close to the masses. Baptized “image”, it aims to question our perceptions as much as our certainties… From a thick and heavy solo, to a soft and restless “Tutti”, the music is not meant to serve as a circus scene, it makes its meaning and emotions their tenderness. And to their surprise, the balsa plane, the folding of high-tech materials, the juggling of feathers…, brings meditative silence, the contrasting shots of the scene reveal the collective power, the disproportionate effort of physical effort (suspension, pyramid, chain of corpses hanging on one arm, etc.) and of clowns. Ridiculous clarity. A poetic and utopian window. A majestic, whimsical and magical spectacle that allows forContact the circus industry in other ways.

Practical information: “Pic”, in Odyssud Blagnac. Saturday, November 12 at 8:30 pm Price: 28€. Online booking.

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