Halloween 2022: Top 5 Scary and Easy Recipes to Make!

Want to thrill your friends? Simple and effective recipes to perhaps spice up your table for Halloween!

Want to have a little Halloween party? Why not set a scary table ? MCETV offers you five easy and effective little recipes for dishes that are a little boring… even a little scary if you will.

Top 5 Halloween Recipes!

Swamp drink

A small cocktail Good and devilishly effective, with or without alcohol. In fact, at the table on October 31st, you need recipes that can be made quickly… but take a while before eating. So we start with the Swamp Cocktail.

We thus bet on a beautiful green that is not very beautiful Mix lemonade, apple juice and mint syrup. When you get a liquor that closely resembles still water, you can say you’ve succeeded!

The Wicked Halloween Witch

Burger King is about to release a burger “Ghost Chili Paneer” to taste To its followers, you can compete with the channel. How? Tasting magic fingers. A little flour, a nut, and lots of chill.

We make a beautiful piece with 200 grams of flour, 80 grams of melted butter, 100 grams of sugar and vanilla sugar. Then we divide this dough In small sausages of about ten centimeters. Then comes the highlight of your Halloween party.

At the end of this little sausage, Before baking, put a nut. A rather boring nail risks confusing your guests… even if, once the knuckles are marked, you remove the nut for a few seconds to add a nice red color.

Halloween 2022 Top 5 Scary and Easy Recipes to Make!
Halloween 2022 Top 5 Scary and Easy Recipes to Make!

A spider on cookies…

Want a slightly boring sweet? So make cookies. Prepare with traditional recipes. But to give your future spider some room, make them dense enough anyway. Because you have to draw it yourself.

Once in hideous guise, When the cookies are almost baked, you place a small ball of chocolate (Maltesar type) in the center for the body. Add eight feet with a piping bag (Or a freezer bag that you remove the corner from). And serve!

Or on pizza?

The spider remains a Halloween classic. So when you find it on pizza, you immediately wonder if you should eat it. the easiest? Make small circles of dough for Make your future spider look bigger.

Then we put A little blood red tomato sauce, garnish… and Emmentaler or Comté cheese. On this beautiful white, we add an olive. But very black olives. And above all, cut well. A large body, and thin slats for 8 legs: simple and effective!

Halloween and blood oranges

Oranges can be celebrated with blood on October 31! If ever there was a time to take advantage of this blood red color, today is the day… so we buy the juice by press or by the bottle. then We make the cocktail of the future even scarier.

Have to compete well In disguise you manage to buy yourself, or do you! This juice is mixed with red fruit coulis, and so A little grenadine juice to sweeten… lemonade, and voila: a cocktail as bloody as it gets!

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