Ghost Burger: Franchisor Interview

its network Hala’s Californian Burgers and Hot Dogsl, Ghost Burger was founded during the lockdown, dArk kitchen2020 by its two founders Quentin Boinon and Ryan Gheribi.

It opened as a franchise in 2022 and currently has 2 locations

Ghost Burger

California Burger / Hotdogs / Girly / Fast Food / Halal / Instagrammable / American Diner

Ghost Burger is the first halal burger and hot dogs concept that delivers the American food essentials of California culture in a colorful, pop and 100% “Instagrammable” setting.

Ghost Burger relies on using quality products, specifically 150g halal minced steak, butcher style.

Ghost Burger brand license ambitions

Ghost Burger, has reached a large number of customers, thanks to its colorful universe, pink and blue, perfectly “Instagrammable”.

Given its location in France, the two founding friends put their restaurant up for sale in the 7th arrondissement to open another larger one in the same district. They are also going ahead with another big Ghost Burger project of 300 square meters.

In this context, the Ghost Burger Brand License At least three are targeted to open in 2023 and about ten in 2024.

Training and support for Ghost Burger franchisees

The network accompanies the franchisees from the moment they start choosing their premises, right through to the furnishing stage. He negotiates with the kitchen designers on the preferred rates for them.

Moreover, the New Gost Burger licensee Training is provided in a pilot restaurant, with 2 weeks or more of coaching and continuous exchange.

Looking for future talent to join the network, Franchisor Rely on communication on social networks.

Finally, a launch pack is planned for each new opening.

To get to know the franchise Ghost Burger better, interviews with franchisors will tell you more:

  • How was the Ghost Burger idea born?

The concept was born in 2020 while imprisoned in a dark kitchen (ghost kitchen) hence the name Ghost Burger.

  • A word in the fast food market?

The fast food market has evolved over the years and continues to grow today. As families are increasingly busy and spend less time preparing meals, lunch breaks are also shorter. So fast food still has a very bright future ahead of it.

  • What innovations are you bringing to your market?

Our concept is easy to set up. We rely on using quality products, especially the 150g Halal beef patty, to design the very gourmet recipes. Ghost Burger is a colorful setting, pink and blue, super Instagrammable! All this allows us to reach all types of customers.

  • What are your growth ambitions?

For our part, we put our restaurant in the 7th arrondissement up for sale in order to open a larger restaurant in the same district, preferably with more seats. We are also making progress on a large project of 300 square meters in the 9th arrondissement. We are waiting for the agreement. For brand license growth, we are aiming to open a minimum of three in 2023 and around ten in 2024.

  • What support do you provide to new graduates?

We will accompany licensees from the beginning in the search and validation of their premises, as well as the subsequent works and decoration. We have negotiated preferred rates for our licensees with a kitchen designer. Each licensee will be trained in one of our pilot restaurants, for 2 weeks or more if required. We focus on supporting, monitoring and regularly listening to all our licensees. On a daily basis, we rely on a very large communication in social networks, we know that this aspect is often a cause of concern for a licensee. Also, a launch pack is planned for each opening, to make it a real success!

  • What do you see as your strength as a fledgling brand license?

We are a young and dynamic brand in tune with the times and above all for everyone. Our innovation allows us to be very focused on our licensees, so that together Ghost Burger can grow.

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