Fruit salad Sweet salty

Duration: Preparation 15 minutes

Difficulty: Very easy


For 6 people

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Preparation of the recipe

  1. Wash the orange under hot water, dry it, make a long, wide peel. Then slice it thinly. Reserve for decoration. Peel grapefruits and raw oranges.
    Separate the citrus segments by running the blade of a knife between the thin membranes that separate them. Work on the cutting board to collect the juice from the fruit. Cut the segments into pieces.
    Divide the citrus among six bowls and drizzle with the juice. Squeeze the lemon. Wash the apples, dry them, cut them in half and remove the core with stones. Cut them into slices, then into sticks. Spray them with lemon juice. Distribute them nicely among the raincoats.
    Sprinkle with sugar. Decorate with orange peel and sprigs of mint. Refrigerate until serving.