Fruit salad: our original ideas

The fruit salad this is the star dessert of the summer! Here are our ideas that will make fruit even more appetizing than it already is!

The benefits of fruit

fruit? What to do? Already because it is good and ultra refreshing on very hot days. No wonder we love watermelon in the summer. Consists of more than 90% water, it quenches thirst very well low calorie. It’s so much better than a snack full of sugar! The fruits are also famous for their large size nutritional qualities. Rich in fibers, they have a positive effect on transit. They are fullantioxidants how polyphenols, protecting our cells from premature aging, which contributes to the appearance cancer They are also the main allies of beauty: thanks to their high content vitamins Cthey slow down the emergence wrinkles and give our skin a glow! When the professionals keep repeating that you need to “eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day”, it’s for a reason…

Freshness and originality

Canned fruit salad? We don’t want any more! For the sake of an explosion of flavors, we choose fresh and seasonal fruits! Strawberries, cherries, watermelons, melons, blackberries, peaches, apricots, figs, exotic fruits… We are spoiled for choice. To tantalize our guests’ taste buds, we mix red fruits with melon or watermelon for the perfect combination between acidity and candy… flavor explosion guaranteed! And we don’t shy away from playing with colors to brighten up our plates! We want it to look spectacular, we want fireworks of colors: kiwi, red fruits, pineapple, mango, pitaya, pomegranate… Enough to make a delicious rainbow! For the sake of original presentation, we use the peel and skin of the fruit as a bowl. Even more greedy ice cream cones will give our dessert a crunchy touch! Another idea: we are working on the shape of the fruit, replacing the traditional small cubes with fun shapes using cookie cutters or a melon baller. Perfect for reconciliation children with fruit!

We are inspired by recipes found on pinterest for ultra-original fruit salads.

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