Do you know “Hug and Joe”? Their “Made in Brignoles” burgers are worth the detour

Why? Because the burgers are made with quality products – mostly from the region -, they are very tasty and their prices are light: from 6.50 to 8 euros.

Behind the grill, two 26-year-old childhood friends of Brignolais, Hugo Truchot and Johan Munoz.

“We’ve known each other for twenty years, the next one launched. And we were in the same master’s degree in marketing and communication at the University of Toulon.”

After eight months of preparation, to find the truck, the right suppliers, to refine the recipes… the two friends won a call for tenders in July 2021 and set up in the industrial zone of Nicopolis.

“The food truck was a good compromise between our favorite shows and events.”, Johan continued. Since then, this complementary pair has been able to find its balance and divide the tasks.

“Embrace” is the aspect of the restaurant: “I knew a bit about this environment. My parents own restaurants and I did many seasons, especially at Roland Paix, a caterer in Saint-Maximin.”

Although “Joe” does more of the business side of the pitch.

Specific points of sale, travel events

In addition to their dedicated sales center in Nicopolis, open for lunch, Hug and Joe travels for corporate or private events.

“We offer classic formulas and, recently, we’re revisiting the burger in a mini version, but we also do tapas or homemade Provencal toast, Johan explains. We also travel with Var Brasseur’s beer dispenser. Customers can choose from a buffet. Or at the table. A more classic formula.”

Turnkey formulas, from aperitif to dessert, with drinks that master both: this year, Hugs and Joe Already participated in about fifty events.

Bread from Flassans, meat from Brignoles

“Our idea is to stand out, Hug Hugo, is doing well, home-made, relying as much as possible on local producers, brignoles and Provence vert. The bread comes from Messerlin Bakery in Flassen. These bakers have been voted Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and offer light and airy bread.”

The meat comes from the Sebian butcher shop in Brignoles.

“For the beef, we chose the Abrac breed, for its flavor and character. Every morning, the steaks are vacuum-packed to us, with the highest respect for hygiene measures.”

And potatoes, for home fries, grow in the region. Even the mayo – “What’s not complicated to make and what makes the customer happy” – is made fresh.

On the menu, a dozen burgers. From classics (Belinda) to house creations: Paris-Seychelles (beef-bacon-parmesan), Mistral Gagnant (goat cheese-honey) and even Tennessee (beef-goat-cheese-vegetables and chive cream). Music lovers have no doubt seen these names, a nod to French music.

“We have a bit of an angular side coming out, Just kidding, HugoWe didn’t want to use a trivial name.”

In addition to a la carte, a burger of the month is also offered. This month, the star is the fig, gorgonzola and onion confit burger.

Next? “We think about it. Why not click and collect, another defining point when keeping the foodtruck spirit. Our priority is to develop our brand image and promote the event”Johan concludes.

> Hugs and Joe. Nicopolis, A1060 Avenue des Chenes-Verts, in Brignoles. Open Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Private event possibilities. Prices: Burgers 6.50 to 8 euros, menus 9.50 to 11 euros. Information and orders

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