Discover the “Stranger Combo”, the new special Stranger Things menu launched by Burger King

To mark the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things, restaurant chain Burger King has launched a special menu for fans of the Netflix series.

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This is the news that made everyone happy Fans of the Stranger Things series. American fast-food chain Burger King has announced a release Limited Edition “Unknown Menu”. We can at least say that Burger King knows how to communicate.

Discover the special Stranger Things menu conceived by Burger King. Credit: Burger King

What is the “Stranger Combo” menu made of?

Calling all fans of fast food and the Stranger Things series, Menu limited edition is formed by a Super gourmet sandwiches With nice slices of cheese, steak and waffle buns. As an affiliate, you will receive Deliciously fried Potatoes and for dessert, Demogorgon Sundae. There is something to delight all fans of the hit series!

Burger King wanted to make this ‘Stranger Combo’ Accessible to everyone. That’s why the prices have been fixed on the menu released on the occasion of the Netflix series €7.50 For the full menu. Without dessert, you will pay around €6.50 for the “unknown menu”.

A complete live experience

The American fast food chain wanted to provide its customers with a Cost experience. Burger King is not only the “king” of burgers, but also the brand Communication Queen. Released in 2016, the Netflix series was an experience Exceptional and immediate success. Burger King is riding the wave of the highly anticipated release of Stranger Things Season 4.

Everything is done to live Reverse world travel ! “Unfamiliar Combo” is a carefully packaged The box is specially made for the occasion. The Brazilians took the opportunityUnique and exceptional activities At the Burger King restaurant in Sao Paulo. There, the drive welcomes you Inspired by the decoration series. Go through the portal and enter the upside down world! The experience is complete, Burger King does really big things.

In an interview given to the magazine peopleMax’s actress, Sadie Sink, set the tone by saying: The new season of Stranger Things will be “crazy.” Burger King proves once again…

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