Deliveroo has revealed the best places to grab a burger for International Burger Day!

To celebrate burgers, the Deliveroo delivery platform has revealed all its best Parisian addresses to eat the best burgers by district!

Deliveroo has just released its ranking of the best burgers in Paris by district to mark International Burger Day. Credit: iStock

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Note the date carefully. October 13 is International Burger Day! More than a street-food dish today, the burger is available endlessly. Whether you like it with a juicy steak (or not), crispy chicken, veggie, with or without cheese, lots of sauce… there’s something for everyone!

And if we like to treat ourselves to a very gourmet burger at home, we never say no to a small delivery (especially the day after a hangover…). But then, where is the order? The burger offer is so important today that we don’t know where to turn! To make it easier for you, the Deliveroo delivery platform has revealed its best addresses to taste the best burgers!

After unveiling its 2021 ranking of the most ordered meals in France, Deliveroo has just ranked the best burgers in Paris to mark the International Day of St. Burger.

A brief history of burgers

Celebrate International Burger Day on October 13! Credit: iStock

Contrary to what one might think, the burger does not come from the United States. And no! It was in the 12th century that Mongol warriors “invented” the first steak made from raw horse meat. Of course, over the centuries, many culinary developments have allowed the burger we know today to see the light of day. Especially in 1900 when a Connecticut restaurateur Louis Lassen decided to put a steak between two slices of bread.

And this is how the burger was born! Since then, it has continued to reinvent itself over the years, providing us with new recipes every day. An international dish eaten around the world, count the taste!

Where to eat the best burger in Paris? Deliveroo rankings revealed! Credit: iStock

The best burgers in Paris according to Deliveroo

You see, burgers aren’t just a street food. No, today, we find it in a fast food restaurant such as a starred restaurant. And the offer in Paris is so wide that our heads are spinning! To help us choose, Deliveroo shares its ranking of the best Parisian burger addresses by district.

Ranking of the best Parisian addresses for burgers according to Deliveroo. Credit: Deliveroo

There she is:

1st districtLouvre District: five people and his Cheeseburger (Classic Burger, 2 steaks, 2 slices of melted cheese)

2nd DistrictLa Bourse District: Burgers and fries and his Double Cheeseburger (Homemade Bun, Double Beef Steak, Double Cheddar, Tomato, Lettuce, Fresh Onion, B&F Sauce)

3rd DistrictTemple District: Berger’s theory and his the minotaur (Heura vegetable meat, rosemary, vegetable cheese, salad, onion, smoked mayonnaise with pickles)

4th districtCity Hall District: flow and his Cheeseburger (beef, melted cheddar, american mustard, ketchup, raw red onion, pickles)

5th districtPort Royal District: K-chicken and his Chicken burger menu (burger, chicken with your choice of sauce, fries, drink)

6th DistrictOdeon District: Factory & Co and his Cheeseburger (Melted Cheddar, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles, Batavia & Signature Burger Sauce)

7th DistrictSt. Thomas D’Aquin District: Father and Son Burgers by Aleno and his Burger Arsene (beef matured for 45 days, seasoned and cooked like a pepper steak)

8th DistrictSaint Philippe du Raoul District: Meat packing and his Double Cheeseburger (Toasted brioche bun, two ground beef patties, premium American cheese, Batavia, meatpacking sauce)

9th DistrictOpera District: fried temple and his Fried Chicken Burger (40 Spice Grilled Chicken Thighs, Soft Potato Buns, Comeback Sauce, Big Pickles & Salad)

Cheeseburger, veggie burger, chicken burger… what’s your favorite recipe? Credit: iStock

Tenth DistrictIn the Gare du Nord district: dumbo and his The classic cheeseburger (Aged beef, double American cheese, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard)

11th DistrictIn Belleville District: PNY – Paris New York and his Vintage Cheeseburger (PNY Minced Steak, Old Fashioned Melted Cheddar, Iceberg Salad, Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles)

12th DistrictPICKPASS IN DISTRICT: California Burger and his California Burger (House Bread, Double Steak, Salad, House Sauce, Bacon & Pickles)

13th DistrictTolbiac District: A Burger – The Dirty Vegan Burger and his Spice up your life burger (100g Happivore veggie steak, two slices of melted vegetable cheddar, marinated cucumber and caramelised onion)

14th DistrictIn the district of Mouton Duvernet: the shack and his Texan Burger (Homemade brioche bread, 150g beef, beef, salad, tomato, cheddar, pickles, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce)

15th DistrictIn Pasteur District: Meat packing and his Double Cheeseburger (Toasted brioche bun, two ground beef patties, premium American cheese, Batavia, tomato, meatpacking sauce)

16th DistrictIn the district of Auteuil: Burgers and fries and his Cheeseburger menu (Homemade Bun, Beef Steak, Cheddar, Tomato, Lettuce, Fresh Onion, B&F Sauce)

17th DistrictCorcells in Wagram District: Schwartz’s Deli and his Cheeseburger (chicken, mayonnaise sauce, salad and cheddar)

18th DistrictIn the district of Goutte d’Or: SMASHHH and his Smash Burger (Golden potato bun, two crumbled French Limousin steaks, American cheese slices, iceberg lettuce, onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles)

19th DistrictIn the district of Aubervilliers: Super Smash Burger and his Chicken Burger (potato bun, fried chicken, mature cheddar, coleslaw, special sauce)

20th DistrictIn Menilmontant District: KYDAM – Burger Grills and Oaks and his Chicken Burger (sesame bread, breaded chicken fillet, thin potato pancakes, cheddar, ketchup sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato)

And here are the best burgers in Paris according to Deliveroo! And you, do you have any favorite addresses to share?

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