Can we eat salad every day?

It’s sunny, it’s hot, it’s a weather: salad. This season’s light dish is definitely making a strong comeback thanks to More original and delicious recipes. Say goodbye to boring raw vegetable salads, and hello to salads with burrata, truffle toast, and perfectly seasoned grilled seasonal vegetables. But if salad With all the arguments to convince us to take it every summer day, is eating salad every day really a good idea? Between its benefits, its energy intake and its impact on our health, we reveal all the essential secrets of this season.

Benefits of Salads

You know there’s more 250 types of salad In this world? Enough to explore all the horizons around this seasonal dish of ours. Salad is also a vegetable that is beneficial for our body. For example, made up of 95% water, lettuce is one Very hydrating food. It is a major ally against constipation and helps maintain good transit.

For our line, lettuce is a major ally. very Low calories, it still helps control appetite and increase feelings of satiety. Salad is really rich in vitamins. With its vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene content, it participates in cell renewal. For our health in general, salad is also a preferred meal. the reason There’s lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, arugula and spinach Antioxidant properties. According to some studies, it might be Cancer prevention. Finally, thanks to the amount of polyphenols it contains, lettuce facilitates and contributes to the absorption of cholesterol Prevention of cardiovascular disease.

“It helps maintain the immune system, skin renewal and eye health,” says Sylvie Berthouset, dietitian and nutritionist at Femme Actuale.

Can we eat salad every day?

If salad has so many health benefits, is it really a? It is a good idea to eat it every day ? Well the answer is yes, but under one condition. In fact, eating salad every day can improve our physical health. It can help keep us in line, prevent certain diseases, and stay hydrated all summer long. However, salad is not the best thing to eat every day, if it is your only meal. He certainly is Serve as a base or accompanimentBut your dish shouldn’t be.

the reason Your body needs all kinds of food to stay healthy. We should not ignore starchy foods, proteins, legumes and other foods that are part of a healthy and varied diet. The risk is that you develop a deficiency by eating only salads.

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