Can essential oils be used in cooking?

Can you improve your health while enjoying delicious meals? When I talk about improving health, I mean not only losing weight, but also taking care of your body to protect it from diseases and even treat it if necessary. All of this is possible by enhancing your kitchen with essential oils.

Essential oils

Essential oils are naturally occurring oily compounds extracted from a plant, root, seed, leaf, or flower. This aromatic compound is then mixed with a base oil to create a ready-to-use product. The use of essential oils has become a popular alternative method for the treatment of diseases such asinsomniairestlessness, depression and muscle aches. But did you know that a drop of essential oil can also be used to add flavor to your favorite dish?

Is it safe to cook with essential oils?

The use of essential oils in the kitchen is very controversial. In fact they are very concentrated and endowed with incomparable power. This is why some people think that their consumption may be dangerous to health. Indeed, before adding this concentrate of active ingredients to your daily cooking, it is safer consult a health care professional. Especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If used incorrectly (undiluted or poorly diluted), essential oils can be harmful to the intestinal flora, digestive tract wall, liver and kidneys. Finally, some of the most popular oils should not be used in excess of specified doses.

Rest assured, there are safe ways to cook with essential oils to get the most out of their health benefits. indeed adding a small amount of essential oils to your recipes can really improve the taste and the positive health effects of many foods. Aromatherapists agree that the key to safe cooking with essential oils is to make sure they are properly diluted and well mixed in a dish that is bound to contain fat.

It is very important to understand which essential oils are safe for cooking, as well as how much to use.

Plant essence on our plates

Take, for example, the essential oil of basil. Very effective in the fight against stomach diseases (Aerophagia, gastritis, pancreatic insufficiency, nausea, digestive spasms, gastroenteritis), and also to facilitate digestion. Lemon will pleasantly refresh your dishes. Indeed, it will allow the blood to circulate better and revitalize you. It can be used effectively to combat hypertension, phlebitis or varicose veins.

In the summer, mix one or two drops of essential oil lemon with a little honey and dilute everything in a carafe of water. Put in the refrigerator and serve chilled! There is nothing more refreshing in hot weather than perhaps an essential oil peppermint. Do you have stress, nervous fatigue and lack of tone? A small drop of essential oil coriander in your bandage will help you cope with such a period of general fatigue. Then oregano, a friend of basil, will help you digest well and also avoid bloating to keep a flat stomach. Use it to flavor rice or pasta by adding two to three drops to your cooking water.

In case of excess food, grapefruit is a benefactor. A drop or two in a fruit salad will do you good. I’ll end with vanilla here. Use it when you want to stimulate your appetite or appetite. Indeed, the use vanilla numerous. In custard, jam, compote, sharba – it’s just wonderful! A small drop of vanilla essential oil in a bowl of hot chocolate. Satisfaction guaranteed!

What essential oils can be used in cooking?

Some oils should only be used for aromatic or topical use. Take, for example, eucalyptus, white fir, birch, cedar and wintergreen. However, there are essential oils that, when used correctly, are safe for cooking:

  • HE is from Peppermint. The digestive benefit of peppermint oil adds a touch of freshness to many desserts.
  • HE is from thyme. Perfect for savory dishes like broth or soups of all kinds. It can also help with candida and acne.
  • HE is from cinnamon. A powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, it will warm your favorite dishes, coffee or hot chocolate.
  • HE is from ginger. A formidable digestive weapon, it pairs perfectly with Asian cooking.
  • HE is from Lavender. In addition to relaxation, it is very tasty in desserts.


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