Burger King has announced that several sandwiches are now available in veggie versions!

And that’s the good news of the day for all vegetarians (or curious) who want to have fun at Burger King! Le Roi du Burger has just unveiled a veggie version for three of its sandwiches. Whopper, Steakhouse or even Big King XXL can now be ordered with minced vegetables!

Burger King now offers three burgers in vegetarian versions! Credit: Twitter/Burger King France

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It begins with what we take for an April Fool’s joke. On Friday April 1, 2022, Burger King unveiled a new recipe: the Flexi Whopper. “The first non-vegetarian veggie burger” With a meat steak and a vegetable mince, the fast-food brand made several surprises with this disturbing innovation. Many Internet users noted on the day of the announcement that it was an April Fool’s joke. However, three days later, the Flexi Whopper is still Burger King- It’s on the menu.

On his social networks, the king of burgers and happy to get in touch”Idea of ​​the centuryWell, they believed him. After launching their first veggie burger last summer, Burger King bet.Got the real feel of the century»: Offer their classic burger in a veggie version. Yes yes! You read that right. From now on, Whopper, Steakhouse and Big King XXL are available with a vegetable mince option. “From now on, the choice is yours

Burger King finally offers a vegetarian option for its sandwiches!

After introducing new recipes like burgers and peanut butter fries, Burger King is clearly aiming to expand its vegetarian offerings at its restaurants. Last summer in Germany, a meatless Burger King opened its doors in a fleeting way. And this time, the veggie offer is actually in France! Whether it’s Whopper, Steakhouse or Big King XXL, you can now order it with minced vegetables instead of beef steak.

Order a Whopper, a Steakhouse or even a Big King XXL with vegetable mince! Credit: Instagram screenshot / Burger King France

And to avoid any confusion, like the French Veggie King, these sandwiches are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. So they put their cheese slices and their different sauces. But this is good news for vegetarians or even the curious who want to taste meatless burgers and who knows, appreciate them!

For the moment, we don’t know how long the veggie option will be on the menu, but in any case, Burger King has once again delivered to us with its perfectly executed communications. Like what, they don’t joke all the time!

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