Burger concept that changes the classic recipe

No need to fuss: burgers are unanimous! And to find recipes adapted to his taste, his diet, his preferences, etc. The possibilities offered by the hamburger seem endless! evidence? The internet is full of equally tempting recipes. short selection.

The original burger recipe

Just because new vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity doesn’t mean everyone has given up eating meat. The complete opposite! On the other hand, home made Seems to tempt more and more. Both are the reasons we are looking for one More quality food And the ideal reason for it vsTake complete control of what you eat But also to taste recipes perfectly adapted to your taste! to cook It’s also a chance to ditch your favorite recipes like burgers… which lose the junk food flaws with our underarm size!

The best burgers on Pinterest

What if we make our own burgers? home made ? Meat, vegetables, bread, spices… we can vary the pleasure at all levels! Good idea? Giving our recipes a little taste of elsewhere, drawing inspiration from specialties across borders: American pulled pork, Greek tzatziki, Vietnamese banh mi, Korean Kimchi and serve as the basis for many other original and gourmet recipes.

Collect recipe ideas for carnivore (or fishy) burgers, in our slideshow Pinterest ! And if you don’t find what you’re looking for there… don’t hesitate to look for it in the best vegetarian burger recipes!

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