Breton Baker Camille Laws Wins 9th Burger Talks Final!

6 candidates competed for the grand finale of the 9th edition of Burgers Talks organized by PPA Business School, which took place this Thursday, June 23 at the Paris Racing Venue in Lagarde. Open to all cooks and street-food enthusiasts, the national competition was crowned by Breton baker Camille Loos, manager of the Loos Burger brand in Pleben, with her Guyanese-style burger recipe called “Le Cassav.”

Already vice-champion of France for burgers, during the Coupe de France du Burger by Socopa in 2020, baker Camille Los from Pleben in Finistère was undoubtedly one of the big favorites of the 9e Burgers Toqués version of the grand finale. And he doesn’t flinch under pressure, realizing with great precision and mastering his brand new burger creation, “Le Cassav.” ” I was inspired for this recipe by a culinary trip with my family to Guyana. We have already had the opportunity to test it at our institution for three weeks and it has been very well received. “Camille said before the start of the final, confident but focused. It must be said that holders of a BEP and Bac Pro in Pastry, complete with a CAP in Bakery, are regulars in the award. 2 of who has already been voted for the best baguette in Finistère and Brittanye The place in the burger competition in 2020 then offered him a real spotlight, reinforced by the buzz on social networks. Keys led him to invest by doing major work on his bakery to integrate a burger activity with a dedicated brand, Lowes Burgers. ” We are actively seeking a position to open a dedicated point of sale “said the big winner of Burgers Talks 2022.

“Le Cassav”, a burger made by Camille Los, wins the Great Burger Tokus 2022 competition

About “memory”.

There is no doubt that this title, won by Lagardère yesterday at the garden of Paris Racing, should open new doors for him and confirm his ideas. Organized in the open air, under a beautiful sun, the setting was ideal for holding these 9e The final of the competition, organized and supported by the Network of Specialized Grandes Écoles and in particular the Work-Study Business and Management School, PPA Business School. The 6 candidates still in the running had to reproduce a recipe, previously proposed and selected, to be presented and tasted by the jury. This year with a strong theme that will give rise to a very free interpretation of “memory”. The contestants for the title had 45 minutes to reproduce their recipe and so had to master the timing, pressure and perfect cooking skills to make the burger the best it could be. Facing each other, two by two, the candidates can thus work in full view of the jury and the public in the mobile kitchen, specially made available by the event partner Arla Pro.

A Guyanese burger made in Brittany

6 judges including defending champion Zachary Zarcha but also chefs (Fanny Harpin from Camondo, Lucas Felzine from @abstinence, @fitgerald and @vesper), influencers and content creators (“Sonia Deslis from Les Belles Addresses” and Ali Lair from @leGuideUltime) Lagardère Not forgetting the Director of Operations of Paris Racing, which organized the event (Saïd Boutaraamt), had the difficult task of deciding between the competitors and their burgers based on the criteria of taste, visuals and history through their composition. Believe them, made in a rolling bun, as amazing as it is, it’s made of cassava flour, colored with turmeric, paprika and squid ink. Gourmet, it’s a 150g minced beef zebu steak, tome cheese with zebu milk, sweet Potato chips, sweet red pepper pickles, arugula and finally a sweet spice sauce and smoked bacon were garnished. Camille Loes thus won the €1,000 awarded to the big winner and Burger Tokes 2022 won the title of its laureate, which he would be able to proudly display at his establishment in Pleben. On stage, he was able to surpass the creations of Antony Barcelona (“Childhood in New Aquitaine”) and Lionel Ravel, a native of Vaucluse, with his revised “Classics”.

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