Berger: address to test at the moment

Burger lovers, are you looking for a new place to treat yourself? Paris Secret has what it takes. Between star-studded collaborations, new addresses and vegetarian recipes, here are the must-haves of the moment

Bergal, the vegan burger signed by Alain Ducasse

alain ducasse burger stand

After ice cream, Alain Ducasse tackles another symbol of street food: the burger. But not just any, a 100% vegan burger that all gourmets can enjoy. It was at a JCDecaux kiosk, in the heart of Bastille, that this new concept conceived by the star chef saw the light of day on Friday 8 April. If usually the burger is reconsidered from the inside, the chef, he starts with bread with buns without eggs, butter or milk. Instead of steak, forget bland, tasteless and over-processed meat options, it’s a pancake made with zucchini, carrots, parsnips, lentils, onions and quinoa that we find in sandwiches. Enjoy your lunch!

Collaboration of ‘Yannick Alléno X Mohammad Cheikh’ to search on Uber Eats

Sheikh Aleno Burger
Credit: Simon Detraz

This spring 2022, Yannick Alleno, his son Antoine and Mohammad Cheikh are joining forces for an ultra-gourmet collaboration. Forget bland recipes from fast-food brands, “Nomad Burger” is a feast of flavors inspired by the Mediterranean. On the menu: a bread prepared directly in the Pavillon Ledouen laboratory, a Lamb and lamb steaks From “Les Jumeaux” butcher shop (PDO and organic), a cheese from Pyrénées-Atlantiques, pure free-range sheep’s milk, smoked over beech wood and two sauces for seasoning: cumin, coriander and garlic powder on one side, white on the other sauce and harissa sauce, all with crispy potatoes, served with parsley mayonnaise and spicy ketchup… to be devoured immediately!

Umami, California’s delicious burger

The Umami Burger

The highly anticipated, Umami opens its first European address in our beautiful capital. Head to the Pullman Hotel (Montparnasse) for one last bite of the burgers that have graced the US, Asia and South America. With classics, in a vegetarian version, chicken and even foie-gras Rossini style, there’s something for everyone. With umami fries, mac n cheese, tater tots or onion rings, even the biggest appetite will be tempted by red velvet cake, peanut butter pie or a milkshake for dessert.

Goico revisits its best burgers in a vegan and gluten-free version


Opened in 2019 in the capital, Goico and its two addresses took little time to woo Parisians. Proof of this is the restaurant’s distinctiveness since 2021 Best burger ever From Paris. But there’s no question of resting on his laurels: if Goiko masters the art of making carnivorous burgers, each as tempting as the next, that’s a new belief he’s investing in this spring 2022. On the menu: New plant-based recipes with two 100% vegan burgers. “Edamamita” thus consists of edamame, broccoli, couscous and a vegetarian pancake made with rice, vegetarian cheese, some vegetables and also vegetarian bread. The “chick-tarienne” features a veggie chicken fillet, vegan cheese, roasted peppers and onions a la plancha. Also note that all recipes available à la carte are flexible with a Beyond Meat steak and gluten-free bread. No more question of depriving yourself of a burger evening with friends, Goiko has thought of everything!

A burger signed by Lionel Messi at the Hard Rock Cafe

When football meets street food, the result is a generous and ultra-gourmet burger. In 2021, Hard Rock Cafe actually teamed up with one of the world’s most famous soccer players to create a new Catalan-inspired burger. Signed by Lionel Messi, it has no less than ten different ingredients: two juicy steaks, melted provolone, chorizo, caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, special smoked sauce from Hard Rock Cafe, extra quail eggs…. Macy’s Burgers certainly has everything to entice us. Attention, limited edition!

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