Bagged Salad Greens: What You Need to Know

Salad consumers have already had to ask themselves questions. Is a green salad in a bag as good for your health as one available in bulk?

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The answer is yes, even if… host Flavi Flament receives on his radio show we are here broadcasting RTL. Journalist Patricia Cheiropoulos, who works for the site 60 million subscribers. He told us that green salad is sold in plastic bags.” Treated with a small amount of chlorinated water, so there is usually very little residue left in the salad ” This type of salad, ready to use, which is very practical when you are short on time, is therefore healthy for your health: ” With chlorinated water, microorganisms are washed away well, so there is no problem from a health point of view (…) and from a nutritional point of view it is not so wrong. Scientists have confirmed it: vitamins such as B9, K and fiber are stored worldwide “The only downside is related to the vitamin C content, as Patricia Cheiropoulos points out: ” The only small problem is that vitamin C is very fragile and since there are many steps of preparation, cutting, washing, it can be destroyed during the manufacturing process.

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