August et Ferdinand has just been voted Best Burger in Lille 2022 street food

And for this year 2022, It’s August and Ferdinand voted by the people of Lille themselves as the best burgers in Lille ! They dethroned Father and fish And their seafood burger that won the holy grail in 2021.

on IG account Missburgerslil, they were pre-selected for 24 competitions. Every day, an online story allows residents of Lille to vote. Finally, this Sunday, November 13, August and Ferdinand located in Lambersart, who won the prize. To complete the podium, it Lazy semolina and its pulled meat come second. The Flying counter (That lazy semolina owner) brings back!

This Sunday 13 November, the grand finale took place between the torn burger specialist Lazy Suzy and the burgers August and Ferdinand with easy and delicious recipes. After about 2,800 votes, it was finally August and Ferdinand who were elected with only 50% of the vote. In fact, this year, victory was played with 6 votes: 1391 for Lazy Suzy as opposed to 1397 for Augustus and Ferdinand !”

There you go, you know what you have to do to eat the best Lily Burger!

And if not, here’s a non-exhaustive list of 5 very good burgers in Lille too!

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