A world tour in recipes in the Valdegore district of Nîmes

In the fall the Simone-Vail Social Center’s Seniors Club, led by Patrick Manko, resumes its cooking workshops.

The workshop was closed for that summer. For this first back-to-school meal, four gentlemen were in the kitchen, supported by three members of the Aux Filles d’Or Association.

The seniors decided to cook Lexo, a Hungarian dish. “This choice was suggested by Pascal Besson, the former principal of Diderot College, now retired, involved in the collaborative world and present at every meal. His wife is of Hungarian origin”, Alain, one of the group members explained.

In addition to lexo, a dish made of peppers, julienned onions, with sausage, was the menu of the day “consisting of a cucumber salad with paprika that features the three colors of the Hungarian flag (green, white, red) and a maclepenny, a traditional Hungarian poppy and lemon cake”, added Mohammed, another member present. Hungarian music accompanies this warm and friendly moment.

This is the fifth meal that the seniors have cooked in their workshop, after preparing various recipes from around the world (couscous, moussaka, paella, salmon and tagliatelle with shrimp), under the generous eye of the three cooks of the Association aux Sons. Gold, is there to offer help and advice when needed.

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