5 must-try recipes in Listenbourg, the HOTTEST place of the moment

Social networks have been in a panic for several days now, and everyone is talking about the name of this country: Listenbourg. Located in close proximity to Portugal and close to the coast of France, this country has culinary features that are too little known for our taste. We’ve picked 5 to absolutely love when you go there!

Listenburg is a coastal country with a beautiful and very lush hinterland, where many varieties of vegetables and fruits grow. Fish and seafood are often on the menu, usually fried or steamed. The Portuguese influence is felt in these very generous plates.
Domestically, pork is the preferred meat of the population. They especially like to bake it or cook it for a very long time to combine with vegetables in preparations that remind us of our famous minced meat.
If it’s not really desserts, we traditionally prepare an almond, chocolate and coffee cake for the holidays, as well as a kind of gourmet pudding on Thursdays for the children.
Gastronomy that will tempt you with ultra-sophisticated dishes.
Quickly, we list 5 dishes to taste absolutely on the spot.

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Fritti Tacos

Fried fish is king in Listenbourg. But if there’s one way to enjoy it that you shouldn’t miss, it’s as an aperitif! Taco fritti is an aperitif that appeared about ten years ago and took the country by storm (after a cooking show where the famous chef Karita Milova invented them in front of an audience of amazed Listenbourgeois). Now they are essential for an aperitif and you can’t miss them.
Taco base, crunchy salad with sweet and sour dressing, a slice of super crispy fried fish and cream of local herbs. We warn you, it’s super addictive!


This is one of the top recipes to try when you venture inland. Each city, each village, each family has its own recipe! Suffice it to say that at each stop, you’ll be able to tour Listenburg and sample a variety of muskrives (a great idea for a culinary road trip, right?).
The base is always the same: seasonal vegetables, spices, pork and egg paste.
The most famous are undoubtedly those obtained in autumn, when minced pork is cooked for a very long time in confit with the addition of long shallots, pieces of squash (the local squash is a nut) and a dash of cinnamon.
Muskrovs are usually prepared at night by groups of men and women who take the opportunity to immortalize the country’s legends (if you have the opportunity to attend, don’t hesitate, it’s a highlight of Listenbur’s life, and it’s free). Served all day even for breakfast!

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So this dish is as ugly as it is good!
It looks like a gooey stew, but I promise it tastes like it’s coming back.
The basis of the recipe is garlic confit in oil for a very long time, which will add flavor to this dish, which is served almost every Sunday in all Listenbourg families.
Other essential ingredient: leaves, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard…it changes depending on the season and what you can find. Add broth, egg for binding and serve hot or cold with cubes of broth jelly. Accompanied by toast, it’s magical (we even had a second helping, they promised).


Listenbourg produces a lot of almonds, but avoids exporting them because the residents consume a lot of them!
They are used, in particular, in the composition of Mexotel, a festive dessert served all year round for birthdays or family gatherings.
This cake also contains cocoa and coffee, two ingredients favored by the bourgeois. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, this pie is also sold by the slice in bakeries for diners to sample. And we recommend!


We are having a wedding on Thursday, Children’s Day! A kind of pudding, made from buns, nuts and caramel, usually served with cream or fresh cheese.
Every family has its own recipe and its own little secret that makes all the difference. Bridagen is prepared in the family, children participate in the implementation of the recipe to convey to them the taste of the kitchen and the moments of life together.
A little tip, invite the family and enjoy the moment (Listenbourgeois are very hospitable and love to share their culture).

Where is Listenbourg?

*Listenbourg is an imaginary country that goes around social media to gently poke fun at Americans’ geographic knowledge. The joke went beyond comprehension, as everyone grabbed the phenomenon to play… The administration, the ministry, how will the story go?

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