28 delicious salads for autumn!

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The cold is gradually coming… And to submit, we tend to want to enjoy hot and comforting meals. It’s just that the end of the year celebration is also fast approaching. I don’t know about you, but sometimes eating is nice light in these times of rich feasts.

Our solution? The salads of course! Often associated with summer, they are nevertheless suitable for all seasons, especially autumn. We can them decline to infinitythat way, whatever your taste, you’ll always find salad recipes you’ll love!

Discover our 28 gourmet salad recipes for fall.

However, it is important to use seasonal ingredients to make up your own salad. From the point of view vegetables, we’re obviously thinking of squash: squash, pumpkin, pumpkin, or even squash. Not forgetting the mushrooms, which bring flavor and, above all, a different texture. It’s also the height of kale season, whether raw or cooked, include it in your salads. Do not forget to prepare a good salad with lentils as a base it is excellent for health. For the greediest – use it potato do a Piedmont salad for example. If you like them sweet/savory recipes, think apples and pears to add a bit of sweetness that will have the full effect. In addition, these fruits goes perfectly with cheese. Roquefort, goat cheese or even feta, he brings gluttony to your salads. And the cheese goes really well nuts. Walnuts and hazelnuts will add crunch and good flavor to your recipes.

For the sake of full of saladto choose protein do you want: chicken, salmon, ham or eggs. Then you will have everything you need to enjoy and fill up after the tasting salad.

Top it off with a good vinaigrette sauce. A little oil of your choice (neutral, olive, sesame or even walnut), balsamic vinegar or red wine are most often used, mustard and spices.

Eating salads in the fall is goodthis greedy despite what some people think and that healthy ! It’s always good to know that tartiflette and raclette season is coming…

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