15 Easy and Cheap Recipes Perfect for Students (1/16)

Does eating well seem like an impossible challenge when you’re a student on a small budget? Not for us! Tuna, eggs, pasta, rice, and even some vegetables are quite affordable. Then they must be prepared to obtain delicious recipes. We offer something for cooking leftovers. So test Leftover cauliflower or gratin with a light béchamel sauceThe Shepherd’s Pie with leftover cooked chicken breastThe Quick quiche with tuna and leftover ratatouille or even Leftover Turkey and Mushroom Mini Gratins. If you don’t have dough to make quiche, try it Quiche Lorraine No dough. For a tasty starter, we recommend the very simple Beet and Potato Salad with Hard Boiled Egg. l’Gourmet omelette with fluffy potatoes Would be perfect with a green salad. To change from buttery pasta, Cheap spaghetti bolognese (and home!), the Easy Pasta Gratin with Ham and Laughing Cow® And One pot pasta with lean chicken, broccoli and goat cheese Will make people jealous. Also taste Vegetarian rice with lentils and onions That you can taste as a complete vegetarian dish or accompanied by one Very easy chicken curry. Having an evening with friends? Surprise them with you Economy pizza with tuna, tomato and cheese. Finally, to end the meal with a sweet touch, do not miss Cheap apple crumble and plain cornflakes or Easy, light and economical chocolate mousse.

Simple and economical, our invention 15 Easy and Cheap Recipes Perfect for Students.

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