15 Anti-Depression Recipes for Rainy Sundays (1/16)

The weekend ends on Sunday. If you’re feeling a little down and the weather is rainy, then you need some delicious food to cheer you up. A small form can be due to a lack of magnesium (which leads to fatigue, stress, loss of appetite and can even cause irritability) or simply Monday anxiety. If you’re feeling down, a full dose of magnesium is sure to put you back on your feet. The main foods that contain it are cocoa (and dark chocolate), oilseeds (nuts and seeds), whole grains, seafood and fatty fish. The lenses are also very interesting. So, let’s cook deliciously bread with chicken, Roquefort and walnuts or some light pasta with coarsely ground cauliflower. A red lentil puree will accompany a easy salmon curry from Cookeo®. in Mrspinach and red beans with cashews and rice salad with coconut and shrimp as good as it is amazing. Finally, check Indian Style Coral Dal Lentils, a full dish with exotic flavors. Other recipes without magnesium-rich foods are just as delicious and comforting. So check it out Risotto with asparagusthem Cheddar Mashed Croquettes, winter vegetable casserole, butternut stuffed with chestnuts and Duck parmentier with sweet potato. for dessert chocolate mousse from the Thermomix®, in bhealthy pineapple bread and extra cocoa dark chocolate cake with sugar-free agar agar will warm your heart.

Check these out 15 Anti-Depression Recipes for a Rainy Sunday and let us know if they lift your spirits!

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