11 decadent burger recipes for every taste

If Berger has had a season, the prospect is now in full swing. Here are 11 decadent burger recipes that will appeal to carnivores and vegetarians alike.

1.BVeal burger and tomato pesto

This veal burger recipe is a must for the summer season!

Veal Burger and Tomato Pesto Recipe.

2. Chicken Burgers and Jalapeno Chutney

Slightly sweet, perfectly seasoned, this burger will please everyone.

Chicken Burger and Jalapeno Chutney Recipe.

3. Cheese Curd Burgers

Who said you can’t put cheese curds on burgers? Certainly not our chef!

Cheese Curd Burger Recipe.

4. Falafel burgers

This veggie burger recipe will convert any carnivore!

Falafel Burger Recipe.

5. Fondue Beef Burger

Different, but amazing, this burger recipe is made with beef fondue.

Fondue Beef Burger Recipe.

6. Chef’s Burgers

Bob Chef’s Great Classic: A juicy burger and a little spicy thanks to jalapeño peppers and steak seasoning.

Chef’s Burger Recipe.

7. Salmon and bacon burgers

The flavors of the pesto and smoky barbecue sauce pair beautifully with the grilled salmon.

Salmon and Bacon Burger Recipe.

8. Lentil burgers

These hearty lentil burgers only need fifteen minutes to cook. Let’s go!

Lentil Burger Recipe.

9. Connoisseur’s Burger

Jonathan Garnier offers a gourmet burger, with bacon candy and cognac mushrooms.

Gourmet’s Burger Recipe.


10. Mac Tofu Burger

A burger recipe, made with tofu, that will please the whole family? It exists!

“Mac Tofu” Burger Recipe.


11. Mushroom and egg burgers

Our chef recommends adding an egg and portabello mushrooms to your classic burger recipe.

Mushroom and Egg Burger Recipe.


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